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Updated: Jan 24, 2022

In 2011, after a Dark Night of the Soul, I had my first apparition of Mary Magdalene. Being raised a Catholic, I only knew of Mary Magdalene as the prostitute that had been redeemed, yet the moment she appeared I was already a Mystic. I enjoyed all forms of spirituality and was a practicing Sufi Whirler and Yogi. So when Mary Magdalene appeared I did not judge her for what I had been taught, I just knew that something magical was unfolding in my life.

The first apparitions left me exhausted and very reflective. I was living in the Middle East and after every apparition I quickly needed to go to the sea and walk on the sand, hear and feel the waves of the Ocean. After I settled into this new reality, I went into Holy MaterMony, I bowed down to the Divine Feminine Presence, the Holy Spirit, and I started a powerful and committed spiritual practice. Every morning since 2011 the commitment to my personal practice has never been broken. I feel stronger and my life has totally changed. When I look back, I truly feel that I have gone back into the Womb of the Divine Mother and have been rebirthed.

Chanting and Drumming are an important part of my morning practice. Chants are energy-based sounds that produce a physical vibration. Chants create thought-energy waves, and our whole organism vibrates in tune with the energy and spiritual appeal of a chant.

When you chant a mantra with intention, the idea and power behind the mantra permeates our subconscious and brings us closer to understanding the unified whole of existence.

Sound is energy. Repeating sacred syllables produces a physical vibration in our body and gives ideas form, we literally travel from the Ethers and then back down to this 3 Dimension.

Many of us are familiar with chanting in Sanskrit and Gurmukhi, which I absolutely love and have practiced for years. When I started chanting in Biblical Hebrew I felt a powerful shift in my energy, and this took me to the language of our beloved Mary Magdalene and Yeshua: Aramaic.

The first words that I included in my chanting in Aramaic were words that Mary Magdalene would say to me in her apparitions. I found myself totally immersed in the vibration of these words and felt how I could hold and sustain a my emotions better, my work, my family. I started to channel with so much power and ease, I could write for hours, and I felt such a strong communion with my soul. I continued this chanting, deepening my studies in the Aramaic language. This is part of my Mission, to bring these chants to all of you so that you can feel the healing power of the Aramaic Language.

Devotional singing does not belong to any one spiritual path. It is the universal language of Spirit, the song of the soul. Please remember this. You can be in any Path, Religion, etc., and still practice Devotional Chanting.

When we start a practice in Devotional Chanting, one day we just realize that ordinary words can no longer take us where we want to go. Through chanting, music and sacred mantras, we enter into a dialogue with the divine and we tune into the frequency of love. The vibrations emanating from Sacred Chants and Sounds have a tangible effect on our own inner being. Chanting gives us direct access to the spiritual world, balances our subtle energy system, and allows for deeper meditation.

Through Devotional Chanting in Aramaic I have come to experience the communion of the Lover and the Beloved.

I recommend starting with ABWOON. Abwoon is one of the words that Yeshua used for GOD. Abwoon means the container that holds the presence of the Divine Mother - Father. It is pronounced AVOON. Start with 108 repetitions or just chant in your own melody. You can also drum while you chant or play any other instrument.

Would love to know about your experience.


Ana Otero

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